I Saw A Strange Thing

I saw a strange thing the other day.
I saw a thing – which I have to say
was curious to be perfectly true
Weird even, and unique too.
What I saw defied the mind,
for no explanation I could find,
explained to me why it could be
that the other day I got to see
a most peculiar sight to behold,
it almost refuses to be told.
But tell it I shall and tell it true,
for what I saw would petrify you.
Like me, you would never slumber,
thinking of it would be a terrible blunder.
I find it hard to explain
the fright and the pain
that accompanied the event
which I was powerless to prevent.
I wish now I’d never seen what I saw,
the likes never seen before.
It still scares me to this day,
for my sighting I will pay
Countless times over, the endless terror,
recounting such would be an error.
So I am afraid I really have to say,
I cannot recall what I saw the other day.






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