The Mobile

In my hand I hold a device
that even at at the start of my own lifetime
fiction writers would not have dared dream of
or maybe simply couldn’t conceive a world
Where within the palm of one hand
The collected, combined knowledge of all mankind
Was almost instantly accessible with a single tap.

A moulded chunk of plastic, holding together dozens of rare earth elements and a maze of circuitry
blended technology from a myriad of different branches
brought together to form the ultimate in technical evolution
a machine that sits snugly in your pocket but is simultaneously connected to a global grid of machines and systems
like a single speck of sand on a beach of data points.

And that device can pluck a part of the whole
then pull it back to be stored in a stream
the deluge of ones and zeroes can be thrust
through the air in waves that seek out others
And once found transit that little speck of noise
From a random corner of the world to my ear
And all so I can watch “Never gonna give you up” whilst I sit on the toilet.

I mean, it hardly seems worth it.






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